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authorChristophe Grenier <>2009-08-12 19:04:18 +0200
committerChristophe Grenier <>2009-08-12 19:04:18 +0200
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Move set_date() to a separate file
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diff --git a/src/dir.h b/src/dir.h
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--- a/src/dir.h
+++ b/src/dir.h
@@ -81,7 +81,6 @@ unsigned int delete_list_file(file_data_t *file_list);
void delete_list_file_info(struct td_list_head *list);
int dir_whole_partition_log(disk_t *disk_car, const partition_t *partition, dir_data_t *dir_data, const unsigned long int inode);
void mode_string (const unsigned int mode, char *str);
-int set_date(const char *pathname, time_t actime, time_t modtime);
int set_mode(const char *pathname, unsigned int mode);
FILE *fopen_local(char **localfilename, const char *localroot, const char *filename);
char *gen_local_filename(const char *filename);