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Better handle FAT filenames
Rename filenames while copying under Dos and Windows
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diff --git a/src/fat.h b/src/fat.h
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--- a/src/fat.h
+++ b/src/fat.h
@@ -161,4 +161,4 @@ int test_HPFS(disk_t *disk_car,const struct fat_boot_sector *fat_header, partiti
int recover_OS2MB(disk_t *disk_car, const struct fat_boot_sector*fat_header, partition_t *partition, const int verbose, const int dump_ind);
int check_OS2MB(disk_t *disk_car,partition_t *partition, const int verbose);
int test_OS2MB(disk_t *disk_car,const struct fat_boot_sector *fat_header, partition_t *partition,const int verbose, const int dump_ind);
+int check_VFAT_volume_name(const char *name, const unsigned int max_size);