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authorChristophe Grenier <>2015-04-11 14:23:16 +0200
committerChristophe Grenier <>2015-04-11 14:23:16 +0200
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add gcc_struct attribute to all __packed__ structure
do not use fseeko() with mingw32 gcc compiler
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diff --git a/src/file_tiff.h b/src/file_tiff.h
index db5fe87..21fa5fd 100644
--- a/src/file_tiff.h
+++ b/src/file_tiff.h
@@ -60,12 +60,10 @@ typedef struct {
} TIFFDirEntry;
/* Work around a gcc bug */
-#pragma pack(1)
struct ifd_header {
uint16_t nbr_fields;
TIFFDirEntry ifd;
-} __attribute__ ((__packed__));
-#pragma pack()
+} __attribute__ ((gcc_struct, __packed__));
time_t get_date_from_tiff_header(const TIFFHeader *tiff, const unsigned int tiff_size);
const char *find_tag_from_tiff_header(const TIFFHeader *tiff, const unsigned int tiff_size, const unsigned int tag, const char **potential_error);