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diff --git a/src/hdaccess.c b/src/hdaccess.c
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--- a/src/hdaccess.c
+++ b/src/hdaccess.c
@@ -1499,7 +1499,7 @@ disk_t *file_test_availability(const char *device, const int verbose, int testdi
By a bug in the Linux buffer cache, we will see the old
contents of /dev/hda when the change was made to /dev/hda3.
In order to avoid this, discard all blocks on /dev/hda. */
- ioctl(hd_h, BLKFLSBUF); /* ignore errors */
+ (void)ioctl(hd_h, BLKFLSBUF); /* ignore errors */
disk_get_model(hd_h, disk_car, verbose);
disk_get_hpa_dco(hd_h, disk_car);