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authorChristophe Grenier <>2007-12-21 08:29:06 +0100
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In expert mode during RepairMFT, user can choose between MFT and MFTmirror if TestDisk can't find the correct one.
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diff --git a/src/ntfs.h b/src/ntfs.h
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--- a/src/ntfs.h
+++ b/src/ntfs.h
@@ -67,5 +67,5 @@ int test_NTFS(const disk_t *disk_car,const struct ntfs_boot_sector*ntfs_header,
#define NTFS_GETU64(p) (le64(*(const uint64_t*)(p)))
unsigned int ntfs_sector_size(const struct ntfs_boot_sector *ntfs_header);
int rebuild_NTFS_BS(disk_t *disk_car,partition_t *partition, const int verbose, const int dump_ind,const int interface, const unsigned int expert, char**current_cmd);
-int repair_MFT(disk_t *disk_car, partition_t *partition, const int verbose, char **current_cmd);
+int repair_MFT(disk_t *disk_car, partition_t *partition, const int verbose, const unsigned int expert, char **current_cmd);
int repair_MFT_Vol(disk_t *disk_car, partition_t *partition, const int verbose);