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Huge code cleanup for Photorec: reduce the numbers of parameters of some functions
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diff --git a/src/phrecn.h b/src/phrecn.h
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--- a/src/phrecn.h
+++ b/src/phrecn.h
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
extern "C" {
-int photorec(disk_t *disk_car, partition_t *partition, const struct ph_options *options, char *recup_dir, const int interface, file_enable_t *file_enable, char **current_cmd, alloc_data_t *list_search_space, unsigned int blocksize, const unsigned int carve_free_space_only);
+int photorec(struct ph_param *params, const struct ph_options *options, alloc_data_t *list_search_space, const unsigned int carve_free_space_only);
void interface_file_select(file_enable_t *files_enable, char**current_cmd);
void interface_options_photorec(struct ph_options *options, char**current_cmd);