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Current news
+TestDisk & PhotoRec 6.10 comes with severals improvements:
+- Report disk manufacturer and model under Windows and Linux (Only Linux was
+ supported in 6.9)
+- Under Linux, /dev/mapper/* and /dev/md? are now listed with the harddisks.
+- Now both OS and compiler versions are recorded in the log file.
+This new TestDisk version can
+- undelete files and directories for FAT filesystem,
+- undelete files for ext2 filesystem,
+- copy files from ext2/ext3 partitions. These feature was already available
+ for FAT and NTFS.
+- Load and save FileOpts settings: remember which file types to recover
+- For JPEG files, extract the time/date from Exif header and set the
+ file time. It's now easier to sort the recovered jpg.
+- PhotoRec can now identify and recover 38 additional file formats.
TestDisk & PhotoRec 6.9 comes with numerous improvements: