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Current news
+TestDisk & PhotoRec 6.9 comes with numerous improvements:
+- They are compatible with ntfsprogs 2.0, the latest library version for
+accessing NTFS partitions, e2fsprogs 1.40.6, the latest library for accessing
+ ext2/ext3 partitions.
+- EFI GUID Partition Table is now supported. EFI GPT is mainly used on Itanium,
+MacBook and Mac Pro.
+- Both utilities can use sudo if the user is not root, this functionnality will
+be enabled for at least MacOSX, so users won't have to go into a command line.
+- Improved Windows disk support, most internal USB card reader should now work.
+- Disk model (ie. ATA ST3120026AS, _NEC DVD_RW ND-4550A...) are now reported
+under Linux.
+- New file system support has been added: encrypted LUKS, Mac HFSX, Linux Raid
+md 1.0/1.1/1.2 (0.9 was already supported).
+- It displays unicode filenames correctly, and can handle unicode filesnames
+ while copying files from an NTFS partition when supported by the underlying
+ libraries.
+- It's now possible to copy files from a lost FAT partition found by TestDisk
+ (Already possible for NTFS).
+- In the Advanced menu, TestDisk can create a raw/dd-like image of a partition.
+- For ext2/ext3 file systems, PhotoRec 6.9 can search in the whole space or in
+unallocated space only. This feature was already available for FAT and NTFS
+- It has better session support which allows a recovery to be stopped and
+restarted later.
+- New file formats are supported: Acronis True Image .TIB, AutoCAD's .DWG and
+PowerTab .PTB, Cineon image file/SMTPE DPX .DPX, Comic Life .comicdoc, HP
+Photosmart Photo Printing Album .albm, KeepAssX .KDB, Maya .MB and .MP,
+Microsoft OneNOte .one file, Microsoft Visual Studio Resource file .RES,
+Microsoft VB's .CLS, Outlook .MSG, QuickBook .FST, SketchUp .SKP, Vmware .vmdk,
+WinSpec .SPE, Windows Enhanced MetaFile .emf, MS Windows Link .lnk, Internet
+Explorer index.dat, Macintosh Picture .pct, SunPCI Disk Image,XBOX GTA San
+Andreas Save File, Final Cut Pro .fcp and Digital Speech Standard .dss.
Version 6.8 is mainly a bugfix but some small improvements has been made to