BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devPhotoRec: Using bgz extension instead of gz for bgziped filesChristophe Grenier6 years
masterpaddr_t may be already defined in sys/types.h - Fix compilation on OpenBSDChristophe Grenier2 weeks
v7.2commit 281be432dd...Christophe Grenier8 weeks
v7.1commit 3bb714e653...Christophe Grenier5 years
v7.0commit 1a22f378fb...Christophe Grenier9 years
v6.14commit 44ea67379c...Christophe Grenier11 years
v6.13commit fe1d27b519...Christophe Grenier12 years
v6.12commit cb7da27191...Christophe Grenier13 years
v6.11commit 36aa8d5907...Christophe Grenier15 years
v6.10commit 1dcd5bdd23...Christophe Grenier16 years
v6.9commit 206df0d5b4...Christophe Grenier16 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2024-04-02paddr_t may be already defined in sys/types.h - Fix compilation on OpenBSDHEADmasterChristophe Grenier2-0/+7
2024-03-09Do not list files format recovered by PhotoRecChristophe Grenier1-32/+2
2024-02-22TestDisk & PhotoRec 7.2v7.2Christophe Grenier6-6/+35
2024-01-30TestDisk: when searching for partition, press '+' to skip 5% of the diskChristophe Grenier2-1/+11
2024-01-30A lot of frama-c annotations or code disablingChristophe Grenier32-106/+566 fix regression introduce by commit 972217f99390b095fe7487441f0b...Christophe Grenier1-3/+6
2024-01-07src/filegen.[ch], src/photorec.h: improve Frama-C annotationsChristophe Grenier3-8/+49
2024-01-07src/common.[ch]: improve Frama-C annotationsChristophe Grenier2-10/+32
2024-01-07PhotoRec: src/file_tiff* - improve Frama-C annotationsChristophe Grenier4-3/+29
2024-01-01Improve Frama-C annotations for a bunch of filesChristophe Grenier38-36/+237