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* Do not call utime() when using frama-c, fix some minor warnings.Christophe Grenier2019-11-011-1/+1
* src/file_m2ts.c: fix misleading indentationChristophe Grenier2016-09-231-1/+2
* PhotoRec: do not limit .raf filesize for recent versionChristophe Grenier2016-02-251-2/+2
* Fallback to fseek() if fseeko() failedChristophe Grenier2015-09-251-6/+0
* PhotoRec: reduce the number of backward searchChristophe Grenier2015-09-031-6/+8
* PhotoRec: Remove min_header_distance from file_hint_t structure (code cleanup)Christophe Grenier2015-06-131-2/+0
* PhotoRec: log the correct filename if file has been renamedChristophe Grenier2015-06-121-6/+6
* add gcc_struct attribute to all __packed__ structureChristophe Grenier2015-04-111-12/+8
* PhotoRec: remove useless file_recovery NULL checkChristophe Grenier2014-10-051-2/+2
* Use fseeko() instead of fseek().Christophe Grenier2014-10-041-2/+12
* PhotoRec: disable data check of .m2ts files for small blocksizeChristophe Grenier2014-07-261-9/+7
* PhotoRec: use an enum for values returned by data_check()Christophe Grenier2013-12-141-6/+48
* constify more variablesChristophe Grenier2013-06-011-2/+2
* PhotoRec: add HDPR signature for m2tsChristophe Grenier2013-03-311-7/+13
* PhotoRec: fix .m2ts recovery when blocksize=1Christophe Grenier2013-03-101-1/+7
* PhotoRec: recover MPEG transport stream .ts (disabled by default)Christophe Grenier2011-03-251-58/+66
* PhotoRec: avoid extension with more than 3 letters for DOS/DJGPP versionChristophe Grenier2009-07-311-0/+4
* PhotoRec: Recover MPEG .tod filesChristophe Grenier2009-04-271-8/+22
* PhotoRec: avoid to split mov, stricter check for m2ts, m2t, ogg anti-split checkChristophe Grenier2008-07-301-1/+2
* PhotoRec: fix out of bound read accessChristophe Grenier2008-06-101-1/+2
* PhotoRec: m2t supportChristophe Grenier2008-05-271-1/+39
* PhotoRec: recover NASA Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) and Blu-ray MPE...Christophe Grenier2008-04-291-0/+86