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* src/file_wtv.c: improve Frama-C annotationsChristophe Grenier2021-07-281-6/+3
* src/file_wtv.c: add Frama-C annotationsChristophe Grenier2021-03-141-20/+27
* PhotoRec: add an ifdef in each file for easier frama-c testingChristophe Grenier2020-09-111-0/+2
* PhotoRec: for some file formats, check if file is complete when a new file is...Christophe Grenier2016-09-301-2/+2
* PhotoRec: reduce the number of backward searchChristophe Grenier2015-09-031-0/+3
* PhotoRec: Remove min_header_distance from file_hint_t structure (code cleanup)Christophe Grenier2015-06-131-1/+0
* remove always-true memcmpChristophe Grenier2015-05-111-22/+18
* PhotoRec: remove useless file_recovery NULL checkChristophe Grenier2014-10-051-1/+1
* PhotoRec: stricter check for .wtvChristophe Grenier2014-07-261-1/+5
* PhotoRec: recover Windows Media Center TV .wtv filesChristophe Grenier2011-03-051-0/+72