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* Use "DISABLED_FOR_FRAMAC" to disable code to facilitate verificationChristophe Grenier2022-04-131-1/+1
* src/ntfs_io.c: fix ntfs_device_testdisk_io_ioctl() prototype for ntfs-3gChristophe Grenier2022-04-061-0/+12
* Lots of frama-c work that should be safe to commitChristophe Grenier2020-06-021-1/+6
* Use explicit function adressesChristophe Grenier2017-04-031-10/+10
* include ntfs-3g/types.h to fix compilation when s64 type isn't definedChristophe Grenier2014-05-271-0/+1
* Fix ntfsprogs support when using mingw compilerChristophe Grenier2011-06-301-0/+4
* Support for ntfs-3g_ntfsprogsChristophe Grenier2011-04-061-3/+24
* Use pread() and pwrite() argument style for internal I/OChristophe Grenier2009-01-311-2/+2
* Add some synchronisation points, should help to deal with unexpected program ...Christophe Grenier2007-12-021-3/+2
* First version in gitChristophe Grenier2007-10-291-0/+157