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* Use "DISABLED_FOR_FRAMAC" to disable code to facilitate verificationChristophe Grenier2022-04-131-1/+9
* Numerous frama-c annotationsChristophe Grenier2021-11-201-0/+5
* PhotoRec: fix tar recoveryChristophe Grenier2020-10-171-1/+1
* Constify a lot of function parametersChristophe Grenier2020-06-191-1/+1
* PhotoRec: When the first Ctrl-C/SIGINT, PhotoRec tries to emulate the Stop ac...Christophe Grenier2019-12-081-0/+6
* PhotoRec: set file_recovery_new->location.start before calling header_check()Christophe Grenier2019-09-211-0/+1
* Replace td_list_entry by td_list_(first|prev|next|last)_entry to improve read...Christophe Grenier2016-08-201-1/+1
* PhotoRec: Remove min_header_distance from file_hint_t structure (code cleanup)Christophe Grenier2015-06-131-6/+1
* PhotoRec: initialize the blocksize in photorec_find_blocksize()Christophe Grenier2014-10-281-0/+1
* Remove file_size_on_disk field from struct file_recovery_structChristophe Grenier2014-01-051-1/+0
* PhotoRec: use an enum for values returned by data_check()Christophe Grenier2013-12-141-2/+2
* constify the local variable old_offsetChristophe Grenier2013-12-141-1/+1
* Remove some unnecessary includes from phbs.cChristophe Grenier2013-05-161-23/+0
* code cleanup: new enum type pstatus_tChristophe Grenier2013-05-141-2/+2
* phbf.c, phbs.c: constify some variablesChristophe Grenier2012-06-271-1/+1
* PhotoRec: const'ify some codeChristophe Grenier2012-05-181-3/+3
* PhotoRec: remove some useless steps when carving ext2/3/4 filesystem and keep...Christophe Grenier2011-08-241-0/+2
* Huge code cleanup for Photorec: reduce the numbers of parameters of some func...Christophe Grenier2011-08-201-33/+30
* PhotoRec: use "%llu" instead of "%lu" to display sectors offsetChristophe Grenier2011-03-251-1/+3
* PhotoRec: remove has_value field in file_check_list_tChristophe Grenier2010-10-311-1/+1
* PhotoRec: modify internals for brute-force recoveryChristophe Grenier2010-04-271-1/+2
* Always include stdio.h before ncurses header and types.hChristophe Grenier2009-06-121-2/+2
* PhotoRec: fix blocksize detection (regression introduce in 6.11)Christophe Grenier2009-05-271-0/+8
* PhotoRec: move photorec_bf() to a separate file,Christophe Grenier2009-05-051-0/+227